Designed by the cookie God himself, Berner worked with us to create his signature Koko Nugg +THC, a flavorful chocolate sandwich cookie flavor in a crunchy Nugg.

When you pop one of these berry-infused, crispy Koko Nuggz in your mouth you are in for a taste that is completely out of this world. The fruity pebble flavor makes these Nuggz the perfect munchie to accompany a wake and bake.

Eat your greens! The real Koko Nuggz OG, premium Koko ingredients rolled into rice krisp cereal. A treat as fun to look at as it is to eat, layer on top of your favorite cake or use to prank your friends. This jar is full of crispy Koko perfection, guaranteed to rock your whole mouth.

As if peanut butter flavor couldn’t get any better, we took it to the next level and blended our OG Crispy Koko Nugg with creamy peanut butter flavor. Handcrafted and approved by the legend Scott Storch.

Overwhelmed by our diverse flavors? Well, it just got better! Our marshmallow flavored THC chocolate comes fully-packed. It has a uniquely pleasing flavor that might be hard to replicate. Packed with an ultra-smooth and sweet texture, this snack is going to take your high to the next! 

Be careful with this Koko Nugg, Purple Runtz produces a strong sugar high that is not intended for beginners. Blueberry flavored and infused with our signature crispy rice, this munchie snack will have you flying.

Our unapologetic red velvet cake-flavored snacks will explode with all their velvety-smooth flavors in your mouth. With a pleasing sweetness, and a taste similar to that of a red velvet cake, the +THC level won’t disappoint your head!

Are you a die-hard fan of chocolate chip cookies? Or are you simply a lover of absolutely anything, but with chocolate chips in it? We bring you our chocolate-chip flavored snacks that taste chocolate-sweet and cake-y. It can’t get any better than this!